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Friday, March 2, 2012

Finally, a sketch!

Finally, a sketch!   With a 4B Derwent Graphitone and touches of Lyra 9B watersoluble graphite crayon in my Ciak journal, and of Grand Shaykh Nazim of the Nakshbandi Sufi order.  You can see his lectures and his general sweetness of face and character at

I had a few thoughts about sketching and personal artwork generally last weekend.  I had a friend (let's just say she was dumped after her final straw rudeness last Friday) who was rude about my work.  Basically, I got a cold stare and a brush-off.  However, I know as far as she was concerned, if I'd ever been unpleasant or even showed dislike in any way about her photography, she'd have hated it.  But sadly, she lacks the understanding to have any empathy for others - or the manners to fake it.  

True, there were a lot of things that night she did to upset me.  Yet the one that made me think, "Wow, I don't think she's really my friend, she's just here because she's bored with no one else as gullible to call" was her attitude to my artwork.  After all, my art, such as it is, is me.  It's an expression of my soul, my heart and my mind.  

So, if she can't like it, or even bring herself to say, "it's my friend who did it, and I love her and support her and love her work because it's hers," then I can't be her friend either.  As my aunt loves to post on Facebook, never make someone a priority when you're only their option.

And thus the tip of the day, which is not really a drawing tip, but instead a reminder: if an artist shows you their work, barring something you find so morally/ethically offensive that you can't look at it, find something you like about it, and praise it with love.  It won't hurt you and you'll make/keep a friend.

Right, rambling's over.  And starting next week: Wisdom Wednesdays!  Stay tuned!



  1. Your friend sucks. Drawing is just a matter of practice, make a point of making your friend regret her rudeness. It dosen't take much, just 1 month or 2.
    I've recently picked up drawing myself and happened upon your blog while searching for some art material reviews. Those were older posts but it looked like you had tons of supplies! I find art supplies so expensive in here :S Even paper is so expensive I've to make do with heavy cartridge paper even tho I use water soluble pencils like yourself.

    Now some questions: how often do you draw? How long is it since you started?

    And one suggestion: I understand you're doing it for fun and don't care, but it helps a lot if at the beginning you only practice quick drawings of stuff over and over without rendering/colouring/framing them. Don't start 'a project', a drawing, just draw quikly and repeatedly similar stuff leving them unfinished and unpolished. Draw like you don't care(and you shouldn't). Draw in quantity over quality. Open google images, search for term of interest and do 1 minute drawing of any image you like, skipping over the next one each minute. When you get better you increase that time a bit (but always do that quick drawings as warm ups before you draw anything)
    There's also a website called posemaniacs, try it(or the drawing script website is useful too). Don't draw those in your sketchbook or on good paper, use printing paper and think of it as something you'll trash as soon as you done.
    I think people and animals give the best training. You could still render and colour a drawing from time to time, but let it be one in a hundred so it dosn't clog your basic practicing.

    Another suggestion would be not to show your artwork to any friend in real life(yes I know, hard to do because we're all so happy and proud with our artwork) because most people uneducated on the subject think art is a matter of talent, and when they'll see the work of a beginnner the ruder ones will show contempt and brush you off, the more civil ones will feign interest while thinking "dear god, she doesn't have a clue!".

    keep up the good work, cheers!

    1. Hi Daniele!

      Thank you so much for the support and the advice. And if you are blogging yourself, please let me know and I'll add you to my Google Reader.

      Yes, I slowed down some because of other stuff going on in my life, but definitely, quick sketches sounds like a great way to keep in practice!

      Thanks again!

  2. You're welcome :)
    Yeah, I understand about the slow down(I've such short lived hobbies usually), hope to see new stuff soon.

    Ps: thanks but I don't blog, see you in future posts!