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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Visiting Dr. Johnson's House

This is the view going into the square where Dr. Johnson's House lives.

This is the house.

Here's a plaque letting you know Dr. Johnson lived here.

In case you missed the plaque, here's another sign.

And in case you really are clueless, here's a handwritten sign.

Someone lives across the way. 

The entryway is appropriately populated by books.

First, a sitting room of sorts.

Here's the view from the staircase between ground and floor 1.

Here is Floor 1, which is very pretty all in green and white.

Look, a dining table!

Pretty fireplace. I always wanted a fireplace, how about you?

I don't think the radiator is orginal, though.

A view from the window.  

This didn't look original either, but writers are notorious for massive egos, so who knows.

Mrs. Johnson, as was,

Pretty, isn't she?

Here's another sitting room with a dining table. I liked this room.  Do you like this room?

One of Dr. Johnson's Bluestocking friends. Eventually, they stopped speaking to each other as people with clashing strong opinions tend to do.

Another family friend who made her home at Dr. Johnson's house as a permanent guest. He and Mrs. Johnson paid for her cataract surgery, but it didn't work, and she was cranky the rest of the life. 

A bookcase, in case you didn't notice.

Same cataract lady.

Supposedly a pice of the Great Wall.  However, Dr. Johnson never went further than France.

Here's Dr. Johnson telling Mr. Pepys he couldn't possibly have helped himself writing about Dr. Johnson (note to self, read that Diary one day).

Some information on that wall piece.

A room on Floor 2.

Some period costumes to try on on Floor 2. (I didn't try because I'm scared of 18th century afflictions like lice.)

Cricket, another staircase! Dr. Johnson's House is a workout, I tell you, a veritable workout!

An attic. 
Mostly there were chairs and paintings.

A display, but I was busy catching my breath. ��

A picture of a reading at Dr. Johnson's House.  They didn't have iPads in those days, you see. So, they had to socialize and use their voices and so on.

I'll let you magnify and read this yourself.

Information about Dr. Johnson's publications.

With Mrs. Siddons, the actress. 

And finally, a portrait of the great writer himself.

Did you enjoy your tour?

Friday, July 31, 2015

Block B Jaehyo Fanfic Featuring Zico and Kyung

   Jaehyo said, "Zico, give me more lines.  Half a verse is pretty stupid."  
   Zico said, "Hyung, let it go one more time, please.   Seriously, no one wants to hear you sing.  Hey don't hit me!"  

Dem bunny ears are scary.
Jaehyo said, "Okay, Rich Boy, I won't hit you or ask again if you get me this Rolex:

"Seriously, the fans only want to see him shirtless," muttered Zico, but he got the watch just so he wouldn't ever have to hear about Jaehyo singing more than 3 syllables ever again. It was good deal for them both.  Zico paid off Jaehyo, and Jaehyo looked like he was rich as well as handsome, which is more the point of his being in Block B than his voice.

 "Only someone as handsome as me can carry off a bowl cut this bad."

Jaehyo: "Wearing this watch for fan pics is a signal for one Zico neck smooch on camera.  And I don't have to like it."
Zico: "He doesn't have to like it, just me.  Right, Kim Hyun Joong?"

   Then, Kyung said, "Hyung, let me touch your face just this once, for 5 minutes." 
   Jaehyo said, "Okay, you pervert, I'll give you 2 minutes face touching with 2 fingers only and on the cheek only, if you get me this Rolex: 

   And you get the watch first because I know your fingers wander and won't let go once they're touching my incredibly handsome face." 

So handsome, only half will slay.
   "You like that, though," muttered Kyung. But he got the watch anyway because Jaehyo's face is gorgeous and Kyung's fingers wanted to stroke it.

 Making the watch look good.
Two fingers, Kyung, two.

   So, Jaehyo got two Rolexes for very little work and a tiny bit of Kyung's perving, even though that last drove him to soju and cigarettes for a day. But the joke's on him, because those watches are actually Seikos. 

Who, us?