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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Interview with Cola, the Nutaz Puppy.

I caught up with Cola, dog to Nutaz's rapper, Naino today, when Naino wasn't looking.

S@ki6: Hi Cola, how are you?

Cola: Peeing, don't interrupt. Ooh, tail!

S6: Hey, sit.  SIT!

Cola: Aish, okay.  Warning you, dachshunds don't listen for long.

S6: I'll be quick.  How did you get started with Nutaz?

Cola: I adopted Naino.  He blowdries my ears.

But, he should stop pushing me off the bed.

S6: What's your role in Nutaz?

Cola: I'm the cute one.  And I order the food.

S6: And do you work in MBK's building or more from home?

Cola: I work in MBK's building.  Didn't you see where I'd ripped up the dance floor?

That's because it was too slippery. What if Eunjung had slipped on it?  See, I take care of things: they couldn't manage without me.

S6: True, Eunjung slipping would be a tragedy.  I'm not sure you needed to dig through the floor, though.  Eunjung has a lot of determination.

Cola: Just trying to prevent another Hwayoung leg problem here. You all can thank me each time you see Eunjung on a music show.

S6: Oh, wait a minute, it says on MBK's site that Nutaz is a duo.  So, you're not actually a Nutaz member at all?

Cola: I have my role.

Seriously, who did you think was rapping?

S6: Naino.


S6: Er, okay.  So, got any funny stories about SPEED?

Cola: Yeah!  There was that was that time when that guy with the hair - ooh, tail!

(At this point, Cola started running in a short, tight, circles and that was the end of any coherent conversation.)

For an example of what I mean, see

Support Cola: buy Nutaz's albums here.


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    1. I might: they're more interesting than their humans. Thanks for the list!